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Dr. Miguel Ángel Rodriguez

Prosthetic Knee, Hip And Shoulder Surgery

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Physician

Dr. Miguel Ángel Rodriguez

Specialist in Prosthetic Knee, Hip and Shoulder Surgery

Knee, hip and shoulder prosthetic surgery has advanced enormously with innovative prostheses and less invasive techniques. From monocompartmental to anatomical prostheses, these procedures restore mobility and relieve pain in patients with degenerative conditions and complex fractures. New materials and diagnostic methods enhance rehabilitation, providing personalised solutions to improve quality of life.

What Does Prosthetic Knee Surgery Consist Of?

Prosthetic knee surgery allows us to solve degenerative and traumatic problems that affect your quality of life, when conservative and less invasive treatments cannot improve your joint condition. Much has changed in knee arthroplasty in recent years, from the appearance of monocompartmental prostheses (implanted only in the affected knee area) to anatomical prostheses, always in search of rapid rehabilitation and improvement in the joint functionalism of our patients. Prosthesis designs have evolved to better replicate the physiological movements of the knee.

New materials are extending the life of prostheses, allowing their use in younger patients. On the other hand, more refined surgical techniques allow for less aggressive surgery, so that older patients can be treated.

New designs of revision prostheses make it possible to solve problems of stability, or prostheses that have evolved poorly or have worn out.

Modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic methods allow us to substantially improve your readaptation to everyday life and work.

Knee replacement is a surgery with a high rate of patient satisfaction.

3 meses tras intervención quirúrgica. Oswewtry 18. VAS 2
Unicompartmental prosthesis
Total Knee Replacement


Prosthetic hip surgery has undoubtedly been one of the greatest contributions to degenerative joint pathology and to the treatment of the increasingly frequent hip fractures.

The constant evolution of materials and surgical techniques has made their use more and more common, improving implant survival and functionality. For these reasons they can be used in an increasingly wide age range.

New materials, metal-metal, ceramic-ceramic surfaces have brought about controversies regarding the type of prosthesis to be implanted.


3 meses tras intervención quirúrgica. Oswewtry 18. VAS 2

Surface prostheses


Prosthetic shoulder surgery is performed less frequently than the above, but in recent years it is developing significant momentum. They are used in degenerative conditions (osteoarthritis) and for the treatment of complex shoulder fractures with increasing frequency.

They offer an improvement in the quality of life of patients with significant joint dysfunction due to the pain caused and the mobility deficit of the glenohumeral joint.


3 meses tras intervención quirúrgica. Oswewtry 18. VAS 2

Surface prostheses


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